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Photoshop Transparent Masking Service | Transparent Opacity Masking Service | Photoshop Translucent Masking Service is specialized in isolate the background of transparent and translucent objects with their Transparency Masking and Translucent Masking Service. The expert graphic artists knockout the background, mask Translucent Objects and remove the undesired pixels from your photo perfectly with Opacity masking techniques. Photoshop Transparency Masking and Translucent masking technique smoothly isolate object from a photo with gradient transparencies.

Photoshop Transparency Opacity Masking and Translucent masking technique brings you the following advantage:

  • Apply drop shadow on images and get that smooth edge
  • Get transparent effect without losing the translucency
  • Easily remove background of images having transparent or translucent objects
  • Apply any customized background you want
  • Erase the color of the background from images having transparent & translucent objects.

Images having glass type objects, photos with fine-edge Jewelries, smoke, lightning, etc require Photoshop transparency and translucent masking Service.

Translucent Masking

Transparent Masking