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We offer hand-drawn clipping path service and smooth-edges to make your product photos look the best. Try our professional photoshop clipping path services and make your product stand out.

What is a Clipping Path Service?

The most taken photo editing service in the photo editing world is clipping path service. But what clipping path service is? Well, clipping path service is actually a photo editing technique which is used to remove or change the background of a photo keeping the main object/subject constant.

The reason behind calling it clipping path service is, the path needs to be drawn over the object you want to remove the background of. The backgrounds get removed flawlessly by using clipping path service.

Types of Clipping Path Services We Provide

There are four different types of clipping path services we provide. Let’s check them out below -

1. Simple Clipping Path Service

These are the objects which are simple and just need only a few anchor points to create path. The background of those objects is easier to remove because mostly there are straight lines.

2. Medium Clipping Path Service

Medium clipping path is a bit difficult than simple clipping path service. Removing the background of the simple looking object photos that has a few curves and few loops is under this service

3. Complex Clipping Path Service

Different photos objects might have different shapes. They might have many curves along with many loops. Removing the background from those complex object is called complex clipping path service.

4. Super Complex Clipping Path Service

The most difficult clipping path service is super complex clipping path service. This service is super hard and time consuming because these object usually have too much of curves and loops.

Why PhotoshopMask is best for Clipping Path?

We have been providing clipping path services since 10 years successfully. Latest technologies and techniques are used for providing clipping path services by us. We have our special team for this service and we ensure the quality.

The delivery time of us is also remains constant as we promise. But the best part is, the price that we take is much lesser than the other photo editing companies.

Benefits of Clipping Path Service

You can apply a white background to your products when selling them online or displaying them anywhere, such as on posters, flyers, books, etc., by using the Clipping Path Service.

You can free up your time to concentrate on other areas of your company by outsourcing clipping path services to a reputable clipping path service provider.

You can get the quality results you want without spending a fortune by outsourcing this service.

Some of our Clipping Path Service Samples

Some of the most Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions from our clients regarding our raster to clipping path service and these are the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

We accept every type of image like JPG, JPEG, PNG, PSD, TIF, TIFF, DNG, RAW, CR2, CR3, GIF, and PDF.

Yes! It’s a good question about the completed jobs. But it is very rare to talk about our work. Because we proceed with your work through highly skilled DTP professionals, in case if you find any problem with our work, please claim us by writing an email at once. We will observe and make an effort for our superior to fix it within the duration time without extra cost however if you are still not satisfied with the work we did. We don’t charge you for anything.

Yes, we offer free trial facilities to our clients so that they can check our work before giving us the projects.

Yes, we assure you that your images are safe with us and they will not be used anywhere else except your works only.

We will send you an email with the download option when your images are completely edited.

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