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Photoshop Clipping Path Remove Background

When someone intends to remove the background of an image, they instantly consider Photoshop. Photoshop is currently the best software for photo editing, background removal, retouching, and many more. Photoshop has many worthwhile tools that we can exploit to do these things.

In this article, we will primarily focus on the Photoshop Pen Tool and comprehend how to remove images from a background in Photoshop by using the clipping path procedure. So without further delay, let’s learn the Photoshop clipping path remove background methods!

Background remover Photoshop Tools-


·         Quick Selection Tool: With the quick selection tool, you can quickly detect the edges and make a selection. It automatically detects the corners and saves your manual selection time. But, it can only work on sharp and high-contrast images. It is called or known as the auto remove background Photoshop method. It is a great tool for quickly removing the background of any bright image!

·         Magic Eraser Tool: The magic eraser tool can convert any picture’s background into a translucent one. You can select this tool from the left toolbar and manually move around the areas you want to delete. However, it is not the best tool to flawlessly remove the background, and most of the time used for clearing any unneeded area.

·         Magic Wand Tool: The magic wand tool is most promising for automatically removing the background of an image. You can easily make a selection on any one color object or background with it. It is nearly like the magic eraser tool, but the disparity is that it doesn’t delete the chosen area automatically.

·         Background Eraser Tool: You can delete the background entirely with the background eraser tool. It is almost like the magic eraser tool but the difference is that it only works for background color removal.

·         Lasso Tool: The lasso tool is mainly used in Photoshop for terminating irregular shapes and sizes. It is like a freehand tool that you can use to make a selection on any shaped object and remove its background. So, you should definitely learn how to use lasso tool in Photoshop to remove background.

·         Pen Tool: The pen tool is presumably the best tool for removing the background. If you master this Photoshop tool, you can easily eradicate or change the backdrop of any image. With the pen tool, you can do a lot of things. You can create paths, and shapes, and make selections on any part of the image. People mainly operate the Pen tool for removing the background since the clipping path method is done with its help.

What is Clipping Path?


Clipping Path is a method used to remove the background of any image. You can perform this technique by using the pen tool in Photoshop. If you want to learn how to remove png background in Photoshop, mastering the Clipping Path method first will be the best choice! In the clipping path method, you can create different paths, anchors, and curves to make a selection on any particular area in the image.

Why is Clipping Path the best method to remove background?


Background removal is one of the most demanding things in Photography editing nowadays and there is no alternative to the clipping path technique for this. With a clipping path, you can make selections on tiny edges, sensitive areas, and layers of any image. These things are only possible with the clipping method. For this reason, Clipping Path is the best method for removing the background!

Follow these steps to remove the background of an image using Clipping Path-


Open the image

First and foremost, you have to open the image in Photoshop to perform the clipping path. There are several ways to do that. You can either upload your image to Photoshop or you can drag the image to it.

Select the pen tool

After uploading the image, your second task will be to select the Pen Tool. You can find the Pen tool on the left toolbar or you can click “P” on the keyboard which will instantly activate the tool.

Start making paths

After uploading the image and activating the pen tool, your primary job is done. Now you can jump to making paths. Carefully operate the pen tool! Create accurate joints and critical anchors and when the whole area is covered, join the last point with the first one to complete the process! Though it sounds simple, it is very tough to create pin-point paths. So, you have to practice a lot!

Select the whole path section

After you complete making paths, you have to make a selection, as they will not get automatically selected. You can make the selection by clicking right on the path. You can also use the shortcut method “Ctrl+Enter” to quickly make the selection.

Copy the layer

After making the selection, copy the layer into a new background or transparent background by right-clicking “Copy Layer Via” on the selection. You can also directly copy by pressing “Ctrl+J” on the keyboard as a shortcut.

Delete or Hide the background layer

After copying the selection into a new background, you can now hide the previous background from the layers panel or permanently delete it by clicking on the delete icon. By doing so, your background removal process will end.

Save the image

Now click “Ctrl+S” or “Save as” on the window to save your image without the background.



Using the clipping path for removing backgrounds will need a lot of practice because you need to understand how these paths work. We hope this article helps you to remove your desired background and gives you the basic idea of doing a proper clipping path.